Raw Italian - Raw Sausage 4 Pack

Raw Italian - Raw Sausage 4 Pack

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A classic from the Chef's hometown of Astoria Queens this pork sausage features fennel, coriander, caraway, pepper, and cayenne. It's got a little bit of a bite to it! These are made to order for pickup Friday-Sunday.

5# minimum order. If you just want a pack or two, we now have them available by the pack at Bewilder Thursday - Saturday. Call for availability. 

These sausages should be kept cold till cooked, and should be cooked within 3 days of purchase. They also freeze very well, so buy as much as you might want. You can always save them for later. 

Price based on weight of $14.00/lb. Our sausage is a natural product that is handmade by our expert chefs. Weight will vary per package.

Price Drops significantly per pound when purchased at 5lbs or more. Please email justin@bewilderbeer.com to place order. 

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