Barrel Aged Wee Heavy


Scotch Ale / 11.5% ABV, 28 IBU, 10 SRM

Halcyon malt, Warrior hops, Kent Golding hops, Scottish Ale yeast.

Stored for a year in whisky barrels, we took our NABA award winning Wee heavy and made it even bigger and more complex. In collaboration with Strap Tank Brewery in Lehi Utah, this single malt Scottish style ale was brewed at both breweries with a massively extended boil time then blended together for a truly one of a kind kettle caramelized beer. This is a malt forward beer with some alcohol warmth, but very drinkable for it’s age. 

More related to historical brews than modern lower-strength Scottish ales, these beers have their roots in the strong ales of the 1700s and 1800s, although formulations and methods have changed. A premium product, often produced for export. Modern versions have lower starting and finishing gravities than their historical ancestors.

Tulip or Tumbler Pint