Barrel Bock

Barrel Bock
Barrel Aged Heller Doppel Bock / 11% ABV, 27 IBU, 13 SRM

German Barke Pilsner, German Barke Vienna malt, Warrior hops, Hallertauer Mittelfrueh, German Lager yeast.

We took our Around the Sun and Bock heller doppel bock and put it in some Sugar House Distillery Barrels. These one use whiskey barrels were freshly dumped and lend a rich whiskey and oak flavor that goes hand-in-hand with our bock. This is a big beer at 11% ABV, but drinks very smooth with a lot of complexity and the perfect amount of warmth. A perfect sipping beer as a night cap, with friends around the fire... or to shotgun. Please drink responsibly.

A Bavarian specialty first brewed in Munich by the monks of St. Francis of Paula. Historical versions were less well-attenuated than modern interpretations, with lower alcohol levels (and hence was considered “liquid bread” by the monks). The term “doppel (double) bock” was coined by Munich consumers. Traditionally darker in color; paler examples are a fairly recent development in comparison to the other members of the bock family.