Bronze Burro

 Bronze Burro

Fruit and Sour Ale - 6.0% ABV, 2 IBU, 5 SRM

Local Solstice Pilsner malt and Red Wheat malt, Ginger, Cascade hops, American Ale Yeast.

The Bronze Burro is a specialty beer with a lot going on. Inspired by a Moscow Mule we wanted a serious beer and cocktailesqe hybrid. The brew gets its distinct Moscow Mule notes by starting with a light base beer that is kettle-soured to give it a tart, tangy edge. From there we add loads of lime and ginger to hammer home the flavor you expect to find with a nice little burro kick!

German brewing scientist, Otto Francke, developed what was to become known as the Francke acidification process which allowed the traditional mixed-culture Berliner Weiss methods to be sped up and more consistent; this is also known as kettle souring. Many modern commercial sour beer examples use this method for rapid production, and as an alternative to complex barrel production.

Tulip or Tumbler Pint