Four Ryes

Four Ryes
American Rye IPA / 7% ABV, 65 IBU, 11 SRM

Local Solstice Pale malt, Rye malt, Flaked Rye, Red Crystal Rye malt, Chocolate Rye, Warrior hops, NZH107 hop blend, Galaxy hops, American Ale yeast

The Rye IPA is considered a Specialty IPA by the BJCP guidelines, and ours is a decidedly hoppy, moderately bitter IPA, showcasing some newer hops like a New Zealand blend and Galaxy. Instead of just one type of rye we decided to use all the rye we had available including rye malt, flaked rye, red (crystal) rye, and chocolate rye for a myriad of rye flavors that makes this a truly unique rye beer with a name perfect for any beer nerd. 

Looking to add complexity and variety to their IPAs, craft brewers and homebrewers substituted rye malt for a portion of their base malt. Rye IPAs, RyePAs or RIPAs have found a place in many craft breweries seasonal rotations.

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