Nouveau Houblon IPA

Nouveaux Houblons IPA
French IPA / 7.3% ABV, 70 IBU, 5 SRM

Belgian Pale malt, Belgian Cara 20 malt. Belgian Biscuit malt, Barbe Rouge hops, Mistral hops, Triskel hops, Belgian Ale Yeast

Similar in many ways to an American IPA, this is a well attenuated hop forward beer, but with an all Belgian grain bill, Belgian yeast, and some brand new French hops, Barbe Rouge, Mistral, and Triskel! This beer is different than anything you have had, and it's amazing! At 70 IBUs, and 7.3% ABV, this is a fruity hop forward beer with zesty citrus aromas, and mild bubblegum and peppery yeast profile. Don't miss out!

The first modern American craft beer IPA example is generally believed to be Anchor Liberty Ale, first brewed in 1975 and using whole Cascade hops. The American craft beer scene continues to push this style into many different subcategories, such as Black IPA, White IPA, NEIPA, Brut IPA, and more.