Pray For Rain

Smoked Helles


Smoked Helles / 5.0% ABV, 20 IBU, 3 SRM

German Pilsner malt, Beechwood Smoked malt, Munich malt, Hallertau hops, German lager yeast

We have the Homebrewtah competition winning beer developed by local homebrewer James Bywater and won best of show! Not only does he get bragging rights, we also brewed up the beer on our system so he can share his winning beer with all of you. This crisp and refreshing Helles lager is brewed with just the right amount of smoke, giving it a unique flavor that's perfect for the changing seasons. 

Rauchbier (German for “smoke beer”) is a German-style beer brewed with smoked malt. It can be any style, but most commonly it is a medium-strength lager.As the legend goes, much of the cloister in a medieval town was destroyed by a fire, but part of the brewhouse, including a good amount of malt, had been spared.The malt, however, had been exposed to the smoke from the nearby fire and picked up this special flavor, which made the beer famous.
Pilsner Glass or Tumbler Pint