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Bewilder Brewing Co. opened in Salt Lake City on December 13 2019. In a transition from owning/running Salt City Brew Supply and Ogden City Brew Supply, Cody McKendrick and Ross Metzger wanted to continue sharing their love of craft beer and education by opening a brewery. Starting on a shoe string budget and facing one of the biggest external challenges to the hospitality industry in decades, Bewilder Brewing has stayed committed to making craft beer, and hand made sausages, while keeping people as safe as possible. Here are some of the stories about Bewilder, what we are doing, and where we hope to go. We couldn't have come this far without all of our friends, family, and of course, wonderful customers! 


Salt Lake Magazine
Jan/Feb, 2021
On the table: Cheers to the cupcakes!


By Chris & Sylvia Hollands
December 31, 2020 2020 Utah Best in Beer Year-End Honors


Mole Porter
By Tim Haran
December 3, 2020 Bewilder Brewing Co. | Mole Porter


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Salt Lake Magazine
November, 202
Best of Utah: Best Beer Battlers & Best New Bar (2nd Place)
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October 29, 2020
Episode 45: Interview with Cody McKendrick – Head Brewer of Bewilder Brewing Co.


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October 02, 2020
Utah sausage makers use family recipes and traditional techniques to make a link with the past


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October 1, 2020

How One Of Salt Lake's Newest Breweries Is Standing Out


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June 14, 2020
Episode 437
Owners of Bewilder Brewing


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June 5, 2020
We try out new spot Bewilder Brewing


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May 31, 2020
Bewilder Brewing: Advancing Beer Culture in Utah


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April 30, 2020
Bewilder Brewing Company ready to start pouring beer Friday!


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Mar 23, 2020
We're Open Utah: Bewilder Brewing


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January 17, 2020
Bewilder, BeWILDer, BEwildER, a new craft brewery with several sides:


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January 08, 2020
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You can try these brews no matter the season


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January 01, 2020
Happy Brew Year:
12 local breweries to watch in 2020


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January 2, 2020


Bewilder, Utah’s 33rd brewery,
opens with a little help from its brewing friends
By Graham Dudley
December 21, 2019
At Bewilder, home-brew entrepreneurs bring passion
for beer to downtown digs