Italian Pilsner / 5.00% ABV, 25 IBU

Italian Floor Malted Pilsner malt, French Barbe Rouge hops, French Mistral hops, German Lager yeast.

With inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, this collaboration beer for The Leonardo Museum of Creativity and Innovation uses Italian and French ingredients (Da Vinci was born in Italy, but died in France) for a perfect balance in this new(er) style pilsner. Italian pilsners capture the balance and drinkability of classic German pils, but they insert a beautiful, yet restrained, fresh, Noble-hops character through generous dry hopping. Da Vinci's diagram of the study of the proportions of the human body, as described by Roman architect Vitruvius, shows that arm span was equal to height in a perfectly proportioned body. We believe this might be a perfectly proportioned Italian Pilsner, so the name seemed fitting.

Craft-brewed Italian Pilsners in America can trace their family tree back to a single beer: Birrifico Italiano’s Tipopils. Brewed in Limido Comasco, an Italian town southwest of Lake Como, Tipopils may be the most influential beer Americans have never heard of. It was the inspiration for Firestone Walker‘s revered Pivo Pils dating to 2012.

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